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You can view Pavel’s photos at Pavel’s Camera. See the scenes from past Octoberfests.
Pavel’s latest collection of poems, So Tell Us, Christ, is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. The cover art is “El Salvador” by El Greco, from the Museo del Greco in Toledo.
Ave Maria University’s Special Collections include printed, digital, and recorded materials by Pavel.
Pavel’s A House Rejoicing is available at Amazon.com, in print and on Kindle, and at Barnes & Noble. The cover art is “The Little Festive House,” by Lisa Lorenz. Also by Pavel are From Here to Babylon; Lion Sun: Poems by Pavel Chichikov, published by Grey Owl Press; and Mysteries and Stations in the Manner of Ignatius and Animal Kingdom, from Kaufmann Publishing.
Pavel’s poems inspired by Goya’s etchings are at homagetogoya.com.
Sylvia Dorham’s moving The Book of Names is available at Amazon.com. See Pavel’s review on the book page!
Poet Charles Van Gorkom’s blog may be found here.
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