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“The Tree of Life”; Currier & Ives, 1892

Courtesy Springfield Museums





Be silent, my soul, be still

Salvation is not a skill

But the mercy of God the Son,

His merciful will be done


In the shade of the fruitful tree

You shall wait for the food to be,

He will offer the apple of joy

And the serpent He will destroy


To the garden you both shall go

And the life of eternity know,

Friend alongside side to befriend,

His love for you never to end


My soul be never afraid

You are what His love has made







Hubert and Jan van Eyck, “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb,” early 15th century

From the Ghent Altarpiece

Courtesy Wikipedia




The Adoration of the Lamb

Whose blood spilled out into a chalice

And I was there to watch and kneel


The saints and martyrs watched, around Him

Angels knelt and swung their censers

Clouds of fragrant incense rose


Adore the Lamb who offers life

He is the Paschal sacrifice

Whose blood was painted on the lintels


Death is roaming through the world

But Christ’s sweet blood prevents the onslaught

Through the doorway of the soul


It was the setting of the sun

And the first-born of eternity

Lay down their lives, prepared for sleep


Saints and martyrs and the angels

Knelt and loved the bleeding Lamb

And I did too, and then I slept







John Henry Twachtman (1853–1902), “Winter”

The Phillips Collection, Washington DC

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons





So cold the cowbirds wonder why

Their frozen shadows cannot fly,

Adhere to snow in shreds of black—

The sunrise stops, the sun slides back


Do not say I overstate

The rising moon will not inflate

But shrivels in the frozen east—

The fleecy clouds of dawn unfleece


With cold so cold that nothing moves

The sunlight freezes on the rooves,

Spectrums splayed across the snow

Contract to bands of indigo


I think I may be getting old—

A winter day and I am cold







Fritz von Uhde (1848–1911), “Der Gang nach Emmaus”

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons





Seven are the days of the week

And the days of the year are numbered

Defend yourselves against them if you can


Lift sunlight like a bar of iron

Crush the seconds of a minute in your fist

Raise the moon above your head


What can we do then which is our own?

To love and speak kindly

To the Traveler on the road


He will explain the sunset and world

And when he breaks the new-made bread

He will reveal His face of light


But there are those who would not listen

Going on into the shadows

And where they are we do not know






Snowy Owl; photo by Steve Courson

Courtesy photographer and Flickr





Creatures of the snow

As white as white can be

The owl and the fox

The ones you cannot see


The furtive snowshoe hare

As if it were not there,

Rhymer of the white

Who vanishes from sight


As if the blood were not

Inside them red and hot,

The outer white and cold

A different story told


You see them by the track

Nor shadow do they lack

The same as you and me

Whose soul you cannot see


But still the soul is there

The owl and the hare





 Star of Bethlehem





Once I met a man

Who saw the sun explode

Or so it seemed to him


A Soviet H-bomb

Of 50 megatons

From a watching US ship


Beneath the sea’s perspective

The blast rose up in fire

Colossal detonation


There is another sun

Beneath our soul’s horizon

Whose disk we cannot see


And yet there is an aura

The sets the soul on fire

And prints the retina


With streaks of spirit fire

But the star of holy wonder

Stays hidden from our sight


But one day it will rise

As it rose above the crèche

Where the holy Infant slept


And as the shepherds came

We too will approach

To praise and not go blind






Vision of Ezekiel; German, 17th century

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons





I am of the dry boned ones

In the valley of Ezekiel,

The Lord enfleshed me and I rose

Skin and tendon, cell by cell


And when I am returned to that

Unfleshed and bony relict form,

He will again transfer His blood

To make my body live and warm


He will return me to that state,

It is His power to create,

All life and living comes from Him

In every bone and every limb


To do His work, not of my own

But of His will, by flesh and bone



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