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Pear tree; photo by Rachel

Courtesy Simple Girl





I will embroider this on that

Said God, about the blossomed pear

Sewn against the pale magnolia

Handsome robe for sky to wear


But who will notice these on that

Except if they will look from there

Where I have placed them in a line

So that the sky those trees can wear


If you will find the three aligned

I will My scene of beauty share,

The marvel of my great design

That azure has two trees to wear


But if you creatures never see

Or look at that but never care,

I still will sew the blossomed trees

So that the sky has trees to wear






Spring snow

Courtesy Pinterest





Snow or petals, ambiguity,

What’s that falling from the apple tree?

Chilliness and April have divorced

Winter brought a suit and April lost


Now it comes to seize the property

Every pear and every apple tree,

Melancholy tulips have been closed

Early March and April are opposed


Ever since the morning of the world

When the first anemones uncurled

Orderly progression is the law

Winter is succeeded by a thaw


But once there was an army of the snow

That overpowered April long ago





There are forces in creation,

Gravity and that which holds

The nucleus against repulsion,

Electroweak, which is two-fold


There is more we never see

More than that we may soon know,

A plan enfolds infinity

The world above, the world below


And you who see the flowering plum

The pear, the quince and all that flowers,

Remember that there is a sum

Of all the brief and passing hours






Baptism of an Infant

Courtesy St. Peter’s List





An infant was christened by ritual signs

On the nineteenth of April of twenty-fifteen

By the oil, by the water, the traces divine

Which symbolize presents, effect what they mean


Who will propose a future for him

Although we are ignorant, careless and blind,

Innocent body in soul and in limb,

What will he know and what will he find?


Will he endure the perversion of war,

Prairies of rubble and cities of iron

Rising in moonlight corrupt to the core,

Stripped and exposed to the staring demon?


Will there be peaceful and plentiful shade

Green as the forests that drink from the sky?

He hasn’t yet wondered why people are made

Or take to the light or why he must cry






Test of nuclear device, July 16, 1945, New Mexico

Courtesy Los Alamos National Laboratory and Wikimedia Commons





In the massive metal

They call uranium

Which lies inert until

A flood of slower neutrons

Provokes a chain reaction

The atoms burst apart

Escape from their attraction

Release the binding force

That held them close together


There is another massive

Body bound together

A peaceful congregation

We call community

But then a force cascades

Which only few foretell

And no one can control

That breaks the bonds apart

Which hold the peace together


Fissionable world

Massive and unwilling

But deep within the metal

Unstable as they spin

Around each other’s orbits

The progeny of Cain

Breed a chain reaction

That breaks the mass apart

Creates a detonation

The energy of war





Andrea Mantegna (1431–1506), “Our Lady of Victory”

Courtesy Musée du Louvre





She said, take up your post, stay here

Where ever that is Christ is near,

It was, is now, shall ever be

The stronghold of the Trinity


A fastness measured stout and tall

Saint Michael is the general,

Reconnaissance by Noah’s dove

That brings the news of faith and love


The arsenal is mercy, peace,

Their potency will not decrease,

Humility the faultless shield

That conquers when it takes the field


She, the saint of souls, the rose

Said watch by day and night with those,

And if the fortress seems forsaken

Call on me and I will hasten


Then I’ll come with Christ the Son

Commander of this garrison,

The soldiers of His great command

And on the watch we all will stand




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