Francesco Hayez (1791–1882), “The Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem”
Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

This is the very temple that unholy Romans burned
Atrocity and sacrilege but no example learned,
Passageways sun-gleaming and white royal rising columns
A chamber of the sacred Ark and its triumphant anthems

But only one true temple now on Earth will ever stand
Not stone amassed but simply made and born, a human man
Of flesh and blood who living walked along the stony hills
The Temple being burned below the Christ of God they killed

This is the only temple that can never be thrown down
Or sit a king who never reigned and never wore a crown,
He has become a Spirit born of human blood and flesh
Delivered by a virgin as the world became His crèche

The Spirit is the Temple where the people come to pray
The altar is His body and the Savior whom they slay