Theophilia, “The Divine Mercy”

On my desk there is an icon
Sending mercy, showing Christ
Stepping forward out of heaven
Blood and water from His chest

Pouring white and blue and red
Mercy from His flesh and blood
Crown behind His sacred head
There against the world He stood

Mercy from His beating heart
From the pain sweat of His brow
Who will stand before this court
Plead for mercy, who allow?

Here on Earth they say “unjust”
And yet I say in You I trust



Giuseppe Molteni (1800–67), “The Confession”
Gallerie di Piazza Scala, Milan
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Imagine sitting in a cell
And hearing human beings tell
The truth about ideas and deeds
Their selfishness, their inner needs

And bound by seal discreet advise
Listen well without surprise
Forgive, console and send with courage
Those in Christ’s imperfect image

To know in truth the inner mind
Revealed, the honest life confined,
The inarticulate clandestine
Spoken only in confession

How much suffering to hear
Through which the face of Christ appears
The weight to bear, the purpose of
His infinite eternal love

To know but never to reveal
And with the sacrament to heal