Lightning Bolt
Courtesy Lori Lane, The End in Mind

I realized last night
When lightning passed so near to us above us
A bolt that split the world of us in shards
As if all time and space might shattered be

All categories of existence cancelled
Identities extinguished by the Lord—
That God requires nothing to exist
That all we have from Him remains gratuitous

That even joy of heaven need not be
Nor sacrifice to benefit our being
Nor even death defeated by the Cross
That nothing need subsist but light from light

Or He might wrap Himself in perfect darkness
With nothing to be made for Him to love
So that existence must be ours for this—
That love descends from Father to the Son

And from the Son to Mary ever Virgin
And from the Virgin to the Holy Child
And from the Holy Child to all of us
And from the Christ for us the Holy Ghost

Amen, amen, the lightning is a sign
Of God’s tremendous power to dispose,
That all that He has made can be unmade
And yet there is the afterglow—He rose