Nikolay Nikolayevich Ge (1831–94), “What Is Truth?”
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Lord God said to Moses
See My Glory and you die
Isaiah cried out: woe am I
Distress for I have seen it

So the Lord delivered down
To Earth His Son who was resplendent
But in appearance innocent
Not harmful to His creatures

A man, true man, just like themselves
A body and a living breath
The sight of whom did not mean death
Whose words would teach them truth

So they, amazed, killed Him instead
When hungry they consumed His bread
They were the creatures that He fed
Anointed though He was

His glory was invisible
To those who dwelled upon the Earth
This creature of a Virgin birth
Blessed was His mother

But so they would not perish from
The very vision of His light
And had no place for such delight
He was true man as well as God

Look now at others like yourself
Although they are not yet divine
Blessed be they for they are Mine
Harm not and be like Him