William Hatherell (1855–1928), “Then Came Jesus and Stood in Their Midst”
Courtesy Meisterdrucke

It seemed to them He had entered the room
Had walked through the door they had locked and sealed
But He had been there invisible
Their sight unlocked had then revealed

All at once the Man they knew
Standing among them, suddenly
Visible to those inside
Because in His presence they could see

Like that always, the Christ exists
Whether or not you know or sense
His presence with you, He is light
In the past and future, present tense

He is the life and way always
The sun that shines and the word that prays



Duccio di Buoninsegna (1260–1318), “The Temptation of Jesus on the Mount”
The Frick Collection, New York City
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

These others
He offered them the kingdoms of the Earth
Those dazzling kingdoms
If they would bow and worship him
And of course they did

Then, he destroyed those kingdoms
So that they blinded no more
Dust and glowing ashes
More heat than light
And then no light at all

Those gifts he gives are taken
The dying gifts of Satan
But those that Christ has given
Will never be forsaken