Andrei Rublev (1360s–c. 1427–30), “The Trinity”
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Holy Trinity sat down
The icon of Andrei Rublev
They spoke of judgment yet to come

What verdict on this wretched race
Whose evil works against itself?
There was long silence as they sat

Love shone out upon the Three
Radiance of a shining sun
The morning of a golden summer

A sounding bell of silver ringing
In the chamber of those Three—
They listened, watched our will to grace

But there was smoke, annihilation
Writhing in the golden light
Tubes and coils of serpent wrath

Evil raged against itself
Revenge for its sterility
Against the living who could breathe and see

As I watched the vision failed
The final judgment not yet made
Great silence grew around the Holy Trinity