Rina Coetzee (contemporary), “Job 38:4–6″
“Where Were You When I Laid the Foundations of the Earth? . . .”
Courtesy Chronological Bible Blog

Out of the silence, the deep silence
Of the Creator
His deep silence before our existence
There is a word, a syllable, a sound

He works with time, before time has been
He utters time
Time is the word that He articulates
The world that He conceives

Nothing moves without time passing, not even light
But then He utters time
And He creates the Angels
Who are time’s messengers

He utters time in words
And they surround Him in a cloud
Of light that moves—
The outline of the world that He creates

Let there be time and light
The frame on which to clothe the world
A form on which to clothe the chasm
The face of the deep

Then souls appear to be a thread He weaves
A robe to swathe eternity
Silence and then the word
The garment that He wears