Red Square in Soviet Times
“Back in the USSR: The Soviet Union in Color in 1963”
Courtesy Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Say nothing until nothing else to say
Except that in the past a submarine
Cruising under sea received new targets
Except: The Captain told his officers:

Gentlemen, you will be glad to know
Despite the target change we still have Moscow—
The name of this dread vessel was the Bolivar
I lived in target Moscow for a while

I see it now, the people much like ours
Couples with their kids, live men and women—
Ted Taylor who designed the smallest bombs
Saw them too where once he chose the targets

The pinpoint on Red Square that he picked out
Observed the baby strollers, grandmas, kids
Told me that he’d burst out into tears
About a war that hadn’t happened yet

And I see it too, the war that hasn’t happened
The small device like one that he designed
A detonation set off in DC
Or Moscow, either one begins a war

Does the future ever come before
The past revoked, and peace before a war?