Raúl Berzosa (b. 1979), “Christ in the Eucharist”
Courtesy Daughter of the King

I said to Him in anxious grief as I stared at the Cross
While at my feet His blood ran thick, and He grew pale with loss
How will I share Your sacrifice, since you are God and man?
And He with lips bruised thick by fists, looked down and said: You can

You may when you have reached this place and moment, then with me
Look through the gate of death and sight immense eternity
You will not have conceived before the length and height of space
The dome of time above it all, it is a temple place

There beyond dimensions there so vast there is an altar
Where all our love is sacrificed by those who do not falter
But give their human spirit-soul as offerings to Me
Who die for them upon this cross and do it willingly

Then I will return to them what they have given up
My flesh transformed to lasting bread, my wine-blood in a cup