Elspeth C. Young (Contemporary), “Discipleship”
(Saint Tabitha Making Clothes for the Widows)

Her given name is Tabitha, which transposed means gazelle
Those who named her wished that she would grow up beautiful
She for whom the Christ compassioned and brought back to life
Good she to the needy poor and maybe someone’s wife

She packed our groceries today, plain-courteous and kind
As if on every spirit-gift her given name was signed
Surely when arrival comes He brings her back to be
Inhabitant of that bright place, His golden mystery

Everywhere it shines and speaks though now we may not hear
Speaks to us in words of peace and nothing there to fear
Unlike our fallen human world, where faith combats mistrust
Where every criminal within does battle with the just

But there the war is over and settled in our favor
Because of all our faith in Him, our generous Good Savior