Antonello da Messina (1430–79), “Christ Crowned with Thorns”
Courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Friedsam Collection

It was like this, God had resolved
To crush the human race forever
When His Blessed, Jesus Christ
Said: I will compensate and suffer

For their merciless indifference
Receive the suffering they owe
Serve the length of any sentence
Know the anguish they should know

It will be Me they crucify
Nailed in blood to boards of oak
Know how humans live and die
Pay their debt: So Jesus spoke

And so we should do as He did
The King who wore a crown of wood



Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Cretan icon, 4th century AD. Church of St. Alphonsus Liguori, Rome
Photograph by Lloyd Baltazar
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Son receives the love we give our children
As we receive the flesh and blood He gives
It is our gift to Him, His consecration
The Mass of birth, the hallowing of calves

He is both God the Christ and one of us
Heart of Earth, the Spirit sent by Love
Man of Nazareth and Dominus
Traveler of roads, the One above

Christ the wine and bread, the Sacrifice
Christ receiving guilt as our relief
The Glorious, the humble, person twice
And on each side of Him there hangs a thief

He can be one and both—how can it be?
Be sure and confident of mystery