Divine Mercy Icon
Courtesy Monastery Icons

If God came down from Heaven in our human form
To save us from an endless torment after death of flesh
Paying for the blood and terror we consume with priceless Blood
Would we subject Him to a dreadful death by measured torment?

And would He not, all powerful, exact unspeakable revenge?
What price of pain is equal to the worth of world Creator?
And yet He offers love’s true sacrifice if only we repent
Give grieving true and love’s return with our unequal love

Hear now, hear, and be of Him, as if a small bird’s song
Sing the beauty of His world and of the gift it is
And of the giving of His grief for our own happiness
And of the presence of His happiness in our own thankfulness

He gave us self and consciousness and our creations
Images of His in faithful beauty and in words like these