Charles Warren Eaton (1857–1937), “Moon over the Forest”
Birmingham (AL) Museum of Art
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

From the ridgeline see below
Where all the people live you know
Not many but a few who live—
Church and Christian, relative

All around are state game lands
Farms, some quarries, forest stands
But when the great dark night comes down
The most of light is in the town

Dark beyond as dark was when
Black bear prowled carrion
And wolf by moonlight trotted after
Expressing shrill inhuman laughter

And if you leave the town, the car,
You still know not how lost you are
Except for laughter, lug of bear
That tell you creatures both are there

Eyes reflecting moonlight green
And moon the disc so high and clean
As if transfigured as before
The clothes of light that Jesus wore