COURANTE–after J.S.Bach

John Singer Sargent (1856–1925), “Running Water” (Watercolor)
Courtesy Pinterest

Now time runs
Swift and flowing
Never done
And ever-knowing

Who will leap
And breathe and swim
Who will keep
What is to him

Nothing’s nothings
In a stream
Never staying
Where they seem

Changing places
As they must
Keeping places
If they trust

That all that changes
Is the stream
As time arranges
Where they dream



“Portal of Light”
Courtesy Pinterest

There is no such thing as a time
In which one event is and another is not
Or has not been, or has already happened

The Lord is the Lord of time and things
For Him all is distinct and yet all one
There are no contradictions unless He wills them

He is and has never been constrained by time
By space, or time and space together
He is their Master and their Creator

I was shown this once when someone died
And I asked the Lord Jesus how it could be
That a living soul could be and yet not be

He showed me that once alive she was
And that her life is forever and not never
And then He showed me eternity

As we are told in the Holy Word
He dwells in unapproachable light—
Then wait to see Him until you dwell with Him